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Wellness Terrace


Massage Type 25 Minutes 55 Minutes 85 Minutes
Your Choice;
- Back
- Shoulder
- Neck
Back sFr.50.00    
Leg & Foot sFr.50.00 sFr.100.00  
Full Body   sFr.90.00 sFr.140.00
Full Body
Aroma Oil
Five Choice
  sFr.100.00 sFr.150.00
Body & Hot Stone   sFr.125.00 sFr.175.00

Jacuzzi Rules

1 - Of course we recommend to take a shower before and after.
2 - We know you would love to be naked but for hygiene reason, bathing suites are to be worn.
3 - If you want to break your leg, step in and out quickly.
4 - Capacity Max - 4 Adults plus 2 children, 3 couples or selection of 6 gay and singles lesbian.
5 - Only drinks served from the Hotel bar to be consumed in Jacuzzi.
6 - Please do no touch the main panel set up, just enjoy.
7 - Recommended time spent - 20 minutes.
8 - Respect our neighbors and speak quietly. Others may not want to hear about the bad date you had last night.
9 - When finished, just step out and let the reception know, we will close the Jacuzzi and remove the empty bottles.
10 - Take your time to enjoy our Wellness Terrace and this outdoor moment at 38°.

Sauna Rules

1 - Mixed sauna without bathing suit!
2 - A towel should be worn at all times for the sake of others. It is okay to not have shame, but others may not find it so appealing :) !
3 - Do not touch the temperature level, don't try to roast your friends!
4 - Recommended Stay - 10 minutes or as long as you're comfortable.
5 - No drinks allowed - Too much steam gets yo real dizzy.
6 - Sauna is meant to be hot, keep in mind to close the door.
7 - Maximum 5 persons. Don't use the sauna as a "hook up" place!
8 - If seat gets in your eyes, just blink a couple of times.
9 - Feel free to enjoy each other's company and have a great Sauna experience!
10 - Please put your used towels in the metal can provided and notify reception when finished.

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